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Here Everything Shines* – Charlotte Bray
Sejdefu Majka Buđaše – Michael Djupstrom
Curved Lines ‘gainst Square Glass* – Sam Cave
Nocturne – Arthur Keegan-Bole
States of Ice – Litha Efthymiou
Mystery of Nature‡* – Yung-Shen, Hsaio
Tendrils – Daniel Linker

The Contemporary Music Venture is an annual series of concerts run by postgraduate students of the Bristol University Music Department.  It aims to provide early-career composers with the opportunity to have their music performed by the finest performers affiliated with the department. It also programmes core contemporary repertoire for the same instrumentation alongside the new commissions.


Contemporary Music Venture (Doric Stage)

Monday 27 February


£1 administration fee charged per transaction plus £1 card transaction fee and 70p postage where applicable.