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Evocations of Healing 

Anne Cartel Flutes
Carjez Gerretson clarinets
George Owen cello
Omri Tau percussion
Thierry Pécou piano/director

Toru Takemitsu  Air
Georgina Derbez  Sus une Fontayne
Michael Ellison  New Work
Thierry Pécou  Chö

Evocations of Healing is an Ensemble Variances programme (in collaboration with two outstanding performers from the University of Bristol) centring on the theme of sounds used for healing.  Thierry Pécou’s Chö  evokes the ancient Tibetian ritual of healing in the ancient past realised by bells and long trumpets in the Himalayas—here reimagined by Pécou for alto flute, bass clarinet, piano, cello and percussion.  Solo flute music of Takemitsu evokes rich colour, and a Zen-like solitude, at times evoking the shakuhachi, and extending the instrument beyond normal bounds. Inspired by the oldest Central Asian makams used for healing, a new work by Michael Ellison explores resonant sounds that create motion towards harmony in body and soul.  Finally, Sus Une Fontayne of Mexican composer Georgina Derbez beautifully melds together sounds of clarinet, flute and piano.



Ensemble Variances & Friends

Monday 24 April


£15, £5 Students (plus fees)

£1 administration fee charged per transaction plus £1 card transaction fee and 70p postage where applicable.

Running time 60 minutes without an interval

Recommended age 8+