We asked the lovely Lesley Garrett about her up coming concert….

”Singing with the EUCO is an absolute joy. Making chamber music is a very special experience and I feel humbled and honoured to be performing with such extraordinary musicians. The quality of their playing is like no other I have ever heard. They listen to each other so acutely. I love standing among the players and feeling as if I am an instrument myself. I don’t really feel like a soloist, I feel as if the music we are making is much greater than the sum of its parts, and I am just one of those parts. It’s wonderful!

My program is very varied and demanding. There are some virtuoso arias which are very joyous and florid, like the Bach Alleluia, and then others which require great drama with intense legato, for instance Handel’s Lascia Ch’io Pianga. I think pacing the evening will be tough, as will matching the impossibly high performance standard of the orchestra! But then I love a challenge!”