Anton Eberl Symphony No 3 in E flat
Beethoven Romance in F
Beethoven Violin Concerto fragment in C
Beethoven Symphony No 2

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra returns with an early classical programme conducted by one of the masters of historically informed performance, Reinhard Goebel. Anton Eberl’s Third Symphony garnered universal acclaim from its premiere, with unprecedented scale and seriousness. Meanwhile Beethoven’s Romance in F is an impassioned potential slow movement for a violin concert, noted for its sweet melodic line and darkly dramatic heart. His Second Symphony also bears the marks of emotional turmoil, as it was written whilst working through the onset of his deafness. It is a testament to Beethoven’s ability to transcend his own problems in order to create beauty.

Friday 29 November

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Winds of Change

£36, £26, £16

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