Ode to an Earworm

Tabea Debus recorder
Alex McCartney theorbo
Jonathan Rees viola da gamba

In 1668, Samuel Pepys put into words what millions of others have experienced: the power of music and its mysterious ability to continue playing inside the listener’s mind.

The programme includes music by Purcell, Handel, Bach, Freya Waley-Cohen, Corelli and Falconieri.

Tabea Debus was born in Wurzberg, Germany, and studied in Frankfurt and at the Royal Academy of Music in London where she won the Principal’s Prize, along with numerous other awards.

“Only very rarely do we get the chance to encounter musicians in full artistic control and bestowed with a technical ability that makes you sit and listen in awe.” – Early Music Review / XXIV Fantasie per il Flauto, 2018

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We are grateful to the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust for their support in subsidising tickets for 8 – 25 year olds at this concert, as part of the CAVATINA Ticket Scheme.  cavatina.net

Thursday 28 November

Tabea Debus, Alex McCartney & Jonathan Rees

£8, or buy a series ticket for just £40,
Free for 8-25s

A 5% booking fee applies online and over the phone. A £2 postage fee is charged where applicable.

Recommended Age: 8+

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