Edward II create world music quite like no other. Blending the rhythms of the Caribbean with traditional songs of the British Isles, the band are a seminal force in the history of UK music.

Emerging at a time when the folk-rock movement was flourishing, the band decided that a more natural connection for folk could be formed with the reggae music of Jamaica. To Edward II the two music forms were not only harmonically similar, both clearly folk music from nations with a sea-faring heritage, but most importantly they highlighted that Britain was and always had been an island of immigrants.

Heavily involved in the early days of the anti-fascist Rock Against Racism movement, the band emerged as the Windrush generation began to influence British urban culture.

With upbeat rock-steady rhythms, blazing horns, fabulous harmonies and fiery melodeon melodies, the band return make a triumphant return to the South West for the closing concert of Bristol Folk Festival 2020.


Edward II headline Sunday Night at Bristol Folk Festival. Book a Sunday Night ticket for the evening concert featuring Edward II and The Rheingan Sisters. For a weekend festival pass see www.bristolfolkfestival.org

Sunday 3 May

Edward II


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Recommended Age: 14+

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