Hannah Ely & Emma Kirkby Sopranos 
Clemmie Franks Alto 
Michael Solomon Williams Tenor 
Laurence Williams Bass 
James Bramley Theorbo 
Sam Brown Lute 
Harry Buckoke Viola da gamba 

John Dowland
John Danyel
Angelo Notari
John Coprario
William Lawes
Henry Lawes

The consummate lutenist John Dowland was also a brilliant songwriter and polyphonist; alongside his lute music there is unending inspiration in his eighty-odd songs, whether performed as solos, duos or in four-part consort. The irrepressible Emma Kirkby returns to St George’s with Dowland Works to explore this goldmine of material. Dowland Works began eight years ago on Dowland’s 450th anniversary year and have since grown into an informal club of brilliant young lutenists and singers they inspire. They have performed up and down the country, “exploring without prejudice”. In Dowland’s First Booke of Songes or Ayres, he describes the songs as “the Consent of Speaking Harmony”, declaring they are “so made that all the parts together or either of them severally may be sung”. Dowland Works love best to gather round and enjoy these gems in their various guises.

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John Dowland 
Awake sweet love, thou art return’d
Can she excuse my wrongs with virtue’s cloak?
Dear, if you change I’ll never choose again

John Danyel
A Fancy – lute duet
Coy Daphne fled
Thou pretty bird
Time cruel time
He whose desires are still abroad
hat delight can they enjoy

John Dowland
A shepherd in a shade his plaining made
Lute solo
Disdain me still
In darkness let me dwell

Angelo Notari
Intenerite voi, lagrime mie
Piangono al pianger mio
Ecco, ch’un altra volta

Alessandro Piccinini
Theorbo solo

John Coprario
Deceitful fancy, why delud’st thou me?
Fortune and glory may be lost and won
So parted you   

Tobias Hume
Gamba solo   

John Jenkins
Why sigh’st thou, shepherd?

Henry Lawes
Dialogue on a Kiss

William Lawes
Why so pale and wan, fond lover?

William Lawes
The Catts


Photo Credit: Allan Watson



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Emma Kirkby with Dowland Works: The Consent of Speaking Harmony

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