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Trance Map is the name that Evan Parker and Matt Wright gave to their studio recording for psi in 2011.  The interaction between Parker’s soprano saxophone and Wright’s laptop and turntable generated music with live sampling – long loops of gradually changing patterns – became an approach that they have used subsequently in a series of concerts.

When the group is augmented with other players it is called Trance Map +. Percussionist Toma Gouband’s lithophones were sampled for the studio recording and he became our first guest to play live, percussionist Mark Nauseef, trumpeter Peter Evans, cellist Hannah Marshall, bassist Adam Linson and DJs Spring Heeled Jack have all collaborated to this point. For this concert they have invited cellist Hannah Marshall to join them again to make a trio version.


Evan Parker – Trance Map

Friday 20 April



A £1 postage fee is charged where applicable