This November marks the centenary of the signing of the Armistice that sealed the end of the First World War. Throughout 2018, events are being held across Britain, Europe and many other countries to commemorate this most deadly of global conflicts.

Footnotes mirrors Britain’s journey from flag-waving hysteria to numb, sleepwalking disillusionment. It’s a tableau of contrasts – social classes bound by hierarchy but often sharing the same fate in battle; the different war of men and women; the muddy stench of trench warfare and reveries of lush English countryside in gentler times; terror, longing, hope, despair – and the ultimate calamity of a lost generation.

This concert is the premiere of a suite curated over several years, to be followed by a short Autumn tour, culminating in a final performance at Bristol Museum on Sunday November 11th, -the exact centenary of the 1918 Armistice.

Our suite includes:
>A world premiere from local composer Phil Dixon and many new arrangements written especially for the occasion.
>A long lost Ivor Novello/Fred Weatherly composition dedicated to Bristol’s own volunteer regiment, last performed a century ago in the Colston Hall.
>Readings between songs, illuminating some less well known historical context.
>Ruthless recruitment marches, sardonic soldier’s laments, songs from composers and poets that died in the fighting, and more recent works, looking back with the priviledge of hindsight.

While not an exhaustive representation, every song tells the story of someone’s war.

If curious, the link (below) to the programme, complete with images from the time and selected background info, explains better than all the words above ever could!

This centenary is inevitably the last time we profoundly commemorate the First World War.
We invite you to help us remember.

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Saturday 7 July

Footnotes to the Great War, Gurt Lush Choir/Bristol MAN Chorus

£10, £2 U18s

A £1 postage fee is charged where applicable

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