Hakan Güngör kanun
Yurdal Tokcan oud
Haïg Sarikouyoumdjian ney & duduk
Dimitri Psonis santur
Driss El Maloumi oud
Pedro Estevan percussions
Jordi Savall vielle, lyra & direction

The sounds of historic Istanbul echo down the centuries as legendary early music virtuoso Jordi Savall recreates the musical worlds of this intoxicating city. In the company of his ensemble Hesperion XXI, which includes several Turkish musicians who have travelled to be here for this concert, he explores the intermingling cultural influences at play in 17th century Istanbul. The ‘cultivated’ instrumental music of the Ottoman court alternates with ‘traditional’
popular music, represented by the oral traditions of Armenian musicians and the music of the Sephardic communities who settled across Turkey after their expulsion from Spain. Allow yourself to be entranced and transported to faraway worlds by way of exhilarating dance rhythms and haunting, whispered melodies.

‘Savall’s almost whispered tone created an intimacy quite unlike that of anyone else’s’  THE GUARDIAN

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Jordi Savall & Hesperion XXI – Voice of Istanbul

Saturday 28 October


£35, £30, £25, £15 (plus fees), Free 8-25s (Cavatina)

£1 administration fee charged per transaction plus £1 card transaction fee and 70p postage where applicable.

Recommended Age: 8+