Adrian Chandler Violin, Director

Telemann Concerto for 3 trumpets in D
Pisendel Concerto movement for 2 oboes in E flat
Brescianello Concerto for violin and bassoon in B flat
J S Bach Concerto movement in D, BWV 1045
Pisendel Concerto movement for violin in A minor
Vivaldi Concerto for strings in A, RV 158
Fasch Concerto in D

La Serenissima delight in performing and sharing their passion for great baroque music – whether famous, under-performed or unknown. Expect a lavish evening of music-making that ranges from the sublimely beautiful to the jubilant all served up with great style, gusto and joy.

The musical world of eighteenth century Europe was a small one. Tonight’s programme explores the works of those whose relationships were intertwined – they were collaborators, friends and in the case of Telemann and Bach also godfathers to each other’s children. It’s presented from the stage by the orchestra’s charismatic and virtuosic violinist leader Adrian Chandler.

‘La Serenissima have a glorious and all-too- rare ability to make one’s pulse race afresh with every new project’

Wednesday 21 November

La Serenissima – The Godfather

£27, £22, £15, £10, £5 students (Limited Availability)

A £1 postage fee is charged where applicable

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