As part of the Bristol Refugee Festival 2018, music from west and east Africa is brought together for an evening showcasing musicians that have been supported by the Lorraine Ayensu Refugee Arts (LARA) fund. For this showcase, music from Senegal and Mali will not only be heard alongside Sudanese music, but the two traditions will be brought together for a unique collaboration.

Moussa Kouyate is a master kora player and maker from a Mande griot family of kora players. Besides becoming a familiar face around Bristol, Moussa has performed at WOMAD, the Edinburgh Fringe, and on BBC Radio 3.

Nabra are an oud duo consisting of Ali Elmubarak (Sudan) and Knud Stüwe (Germany). They have been performing together since 2015, at festivals at events. In 2017, with LARA support, they composed and arranged music for the Bristol Reggae Orchestra which was performed the Bristol Refugee Festival.

Thursday 28 June

LARA showcase: West & East African music

£8, £5 concessions (Glass Studio)

A £1 postage fee is charged where applicable

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