Jenny Sturgeon harmonium, vocals
Inge Thomson accordion, electronics, vocals
Sarah Hayes flute, keys
Jason Singh electronics, mimesis
Magnus Robb viola, sampling
Simon Gane Ben Everett projection / set design / lighting

This beautiful, resonating new work devised by stunning folk maestros Jenny Sturgeon and Inge Thomson, explores the ecology and folklore of birds in a visceral and evocative audio-visual feast. Drawing on the extensive field recordings of birdsong expert Magnus Robb, Sturgeon’s background as a biologist, and Thomson’s home turf of Fair Isle, Northern Flyway combines deeply felt lyrical material with deeply skilful vocal and instrumental mimesis against a visual skyscape of flocks, skeins and murmurations. Featuring singer/multi-instrumentalist Sarah Hayes (Admiral Fallow) and the phenomenal vocal sculptor Jason Singh, this is the ultimate tribute to the rhythms and myths of humanity’s winged companion.


Thursday 20 September

Northern Flyway

£18, £15, £5 students / U18s

A £1 postage fee is charged where applicable

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