Chopin  Étude 1 Op 25
Godowsky  Étude 25 after Chopin
Roger-Ducasse  Étude in G sharp minor
Chopin  Étude 6 Op 26
Ligeti  Étude Vertige
Chopin  Étude 11 opus 25
Tchesnokov  Étude La Neige I

Chopin  Étude 2 opus 25
Scriabin  Étude 3 opus 45
Chopin  Étude 9 opus 10

Liszt  Transcendental Étude 10
Chopin  Étude 5 Op 25
Kapustin  Étude 1 Op 68

In this programme, French pianist Patrick Hemmerle alternates Chopin Etudes with Etudes by Godowsky, Roger-Ducasse, Ligeti, Tchesnokov, Scriabin, Liszt and Kapustin, each inspired by, or relating to, the Chopin work which precedes.

Thursday 6 February

Patrick Hemmerle

£8 / Lunchtime Concert series ticket £60

A 5% booking fee applies online and over the phone. A £2 postage fee is charged where applicable.

Recommended Age: 8+

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