Join our philosopher-in-residence for a new series of evening philosophical conversations.
Each salon will explore a particular theme with input from guest philosophers and time for your own questions and contributions.

This time, we Take Your Mind for a Ride with bicycling philosophers Jet McDonald and Kate Rawles

Mind is the Ride is an intellectual journey ranging from east to west inspired by Jet McDonald’s four thousand mile bicycle ride to India and back, Using the various components of the bicycle as metaphors for the philosophies and ideas encountered along the way, McDonald takes us in inward journey as much as an outward one.

“Jet offers a pedal-powered response to our petrol-driven lives.”

‘Outdoor philosopher’ Kate Rawles has also used her long-distance bike rides as philosophical inspiration, including her “Life Cycle” from Colombia to Cape Horn by bamboo bike and her 4,553 mile “Carbon Cycle” along the spine of the Rockies. Among other things Rawles is interested in “clear, critical thinking about our relationship with – and impacts on – natural living ecosystems” and “closing the gap between abstract accounts of environmental problems, what they really mean, and our own responsibility for them.”

Thursday 5 December

Philosophy Salon: Take Your Mind for a Ride


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