Pete Judge piano

Kathy Hinde film

piano + film is a new collaboration between pete judge’s solo piano miniatures (all performed with the soft pedal permanently applied) and kathy hinde’s striking single-shot visuals. Each tune summons up its own filmic identity, from the flutterings and circlings of a lone leaf to the note-like repositionings of corvids on telegraph wires. Kathy Hinde manipulates her delicate films in real time in response to Pete Judge’s fragile live performances.

Pete Judge is trumpeter with Get The Blessing and Eyebrow, and multi-instrumentalist with Three Cane Whale, and he has recently recorded two albums of solo piano miniatures: “the perfect music for the times we’re living through” (Richard Williams, the blue moment)

Kathy Hinde is an award-winning audio-visual artist inspired by behaviours and phenomena found in nature and the everyday. She has collaborated with Joanna Macgregor, Maja Ratkje, and many others. Her installation For The Birds was described by George Monbiot as “an unforgettably beautiful and resonant experience”

Saturday 28 November

piano + film


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Recommended Age: 14+

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