Part of Black History Month

Back by popular demand, Black Women Let Loose Theatre Company returns with their show Shades of our Lives after their wonderful debut in March. Presented in a witty, eclectic style, the production reflects personal and collective experiences through a series of dramatic extracts exploring identity, connection and belonging. Shades of Our Lives is devised and performed by Rachel de Garang (Tribe of Doris), Ruth Pitter, Valerie Mower and Lorna Henry (Breathing Fire), Yoma Smith (Black Women Let Loose) and Christelle Pellecuer (African Queens CIC).

After the performance, there will be a Q&A with individuals featured in the book Inspirational Women produced by African Voices Forum. The book compiles the narratives of 23 women from Bristol who continue to inspire and make a difference to their communities.

Friday 25 October

Shades of our Lives and Q&A with Inspirational Women


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Recommended age: 14+

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