Slavoj Žižek is arguably one of the most famous philosophers in the world today, known for his ruthless criticism of the predominant forms of Rightist and Leftist ideology – in his numerous columns, Political Correctness and Left populism fare no better than anti-immigrant populism.

In his new book, he returns to his philosophical roots and addresses the basic question: how is reality structured so that something like human subjectivity can arise in it? His paradoxical answer is that for humans sexual difference offers the privileged access to the Absolute, and he grounds this thesis in an original reading on quantum physics.

In the course of deploying his vision, Žižek critiques and challenges not only the work of Alain Badiou, Robert Brandom, Jesus Christ, and Julia Kristeva (to name but a few), but everything from popular science and quantum mechanics to identity politics and gender theory.

Wednesday 25 September

Slavoj Žižek

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