As part of A Celebration of Keith Tippett, St. George’s Bristol presents a session in two parts featuring two sets of musicians closely associated with the late musician – The Paul Dunmall Quartet & The Keith Tippett Celebration Orchestra.

The Paul Dunmall Quartet

Paul Dunmall – saxophones, clarinets, bagpipes
Paul Rogers – double bass
Liam Noble – piano
Mark Sanders drums

Although there can be no way of the Pauls Dunmall and Rogers replicating the three decades of unique improvisation they shared with the late lamented Tony Levin and Keith Tippett in Mujician, this quartet brings them the opportunity to explore two other close musical relationships in the same spirit of freedom, empathy and mutual understanding.

The Keith Tippett Celebration Orchestra

Gethin Liddington – trumpet
Pete Judge – trumpet
Andy Hague – trumpet
Jim Dvorak – trumpet
Kevin Figes – saxophone
Ben Waghorn – saxophone
Jake McMurchie – saxophone
James Gardiner-Bateman – saxophone
Alan Tomlinson – trombone
Richard Foot – trombone
Gareth Roberts – trombone
Oren Marshall – tuba
Jim Blomfield- piano
Riaan Voslo – double bass
Tony Orrell – drums
Miles Levin – drums

As a fitting finale to the tributes to Keith Tippett and a celebration of his life and work, Kevin Figes has assembled this unique big band, a format that Keith loved and for which he composed some of his most memorable and anthemic works. The Celebration Orchestra brings together many of the musicians who played with Keith in large ensembles and will feature music from his original charts (including Centipede’s Septober Energy) as well as some of his arrangements for The Dedication Orchestra.

Part of A Celebration of Keith Tippett

Bristol Beacon and St George’s Bristol, driven by individuals from his life, present a special weekend of music celebrating the inimitable musician Keith Tippett.  This two-day event explores much of his incredible body of work, from small intimate duos to his penchant for large scale ensembles. It features many of the incredible musicians who were part of his life.

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Saturday 2 October 2021

The Paul Dunmall Quartet + The Keith Tippett Celebration Orchestra A Celebration of Keith Tippett

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