“Cows are as varied as people. They can be highly intelligent or slow to understand; friendly, considerate, aggressive, docile, inventive, dull, proud or shy. All these characteristics are present in a large enough herd and for many years we have been steadfast in our determination to treat our animals as individuals.” Rosamund Young

When The Secret Lift of Cows was first published in 2003, it went largely unnoticed. Or so it was thought. However, when Alan Bennett’s third diary series was published late in 2016, Rosamund’s life changed. For his entry for 24th August 2006 (an entry he happened to read live on Radio 4) read: “I am reading The Secret Life of Cows by Rosamund Young, a delightful book….it alters the way one looks at the world.” This prompted Alan’s publisher Faber and Faber to republish her book, with a foreword from him, and it has now been published in 21 languages, was Waterstones’ book of the month in November, and has sold internationally at an extraordinary pace.

Join Cotswold farmer Rosamund Young in conversation with Bristol Philosopher Julian Baggini where they’ll discuss some of her exraordinary stories of how cows behave when left to express their natural behaviours; and chew the cud over the issues raised about compassion in farming and raising animals for meat.

Sunday 17 June

The Secret Life of Cows: Rosamund Young In Conversation with Julian Baggini


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