Monday 15 June-Sunday 28 June 2015

We are delighted to be hosting an exhibition of the poems and illustrations from the books ‘Green Poems for a Blue Planet’ and ‘Verse for the Earth’. The poems were written by Martin Kiszko, the UK’s Green Poet and the Poet in Residence for Bristol 2015 European Green Capital. The illustrations are by Nick Park, creator of ‘Wallace and Gromit’. The exhibition, which is part of Bristol’s ‘Big Green Week’ is produced and curated by Adam Glen.

Martin’s eco-comical poetry for children and families aims to help a new generation understand and grasp the challenges ahead and will hopefully encourage their search for solutions that can create a sustainable environment for all. The poetry prints range from ‘disappearing tigers’ to ‘lost whales’ and from ‘stranded polar bears’ to ‘poo power’ and are sure to entertain young and old greenies, non-greenies and inbetweenies everywhere! To accompany the exhibition, Martin will be performing his poems to local schoolchildren on June 24th – prior to his performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. /

The exhibition runs from Monday 15th June to Sunday 28th June 2015 at the following times…

Sunday 14th June – Opening reception at 5.30pm. (Evening concert will start at 7.30pm.)
Monday 15th June – 12pm to 6pm
Tuesday 16th June – 12pm – 6pm
Wednesday 17th June – 12pm – 6pm
Thursday and Friday – not open due to recording
Saturday 20th June – 12pm – 6pm
Sunday 21st June – 9am – 2pm
Monday 22nd June – 12pm – 6pm
Tuesday 23rd June – not open due to private event
Wednesday 24th June – 12pm – 6pm
Thursday 25th June – 12pm – 6pm (Evening concert will start at 7pm)