‘…take time to Pause….’

at St George’s Bristol

Here at St George’s, we have been teaming up with local musician and Alexander Technique teacher Gudi Schepokat for a number of years now, giving our staff team and visiting artists the opportunity to experience Alexander lessons during the annual International Alexander Technique Awareness Week. This forms part of our greater vision to enhance the wellbeing of those who visit or work here, a vision we hope very much to develop further throughout the coming years.

Give yourself a moment.. ….. becoming curious about how you stand and how you sit… . . come and experience a new sense of uprightness and ease…

The Alexander Technique is a powerful, practical and sophisticated method of self-help. Established well over a century ago by the actor F.M Alexander it meets our needs in the 21st century. Inviting us to increase our self-awareness of unnecessary tension and strains, to improve our balance, our movement, free our body and mind, to come into harmony.

“Gudi helps you to find true balance and when she does something beautiful falls into place. So freeing is this feeling, the stillness and solidity gives you a real sense of your place in the world at that moment. Many thanks.”
Louise Orchard

“Like many other musicians, I have experienced a series of neck and back problems. I have had the pleasure of two lessons with Gudi and it was so informative and relaxing. If you want to change the way you feel in your body give yourself the gift of the Alexander Technique.”
Waga Hasegawa

Gudi strongly supports St Georges and enjoys communicating the AT to artists, staff and audiences alike and we are extremely grateful to her for these opportunities.