St George’s Bristol is delighted to confirm that it has secured funding from the PRS Music Foundation for the commission of a new work from one of the UK’s leading composers, Graham Fitkin. The work is to be a highlight of a major new series ‘The Art of Flight’, launching in 2016.  The series is inspired by the theme of Flight, both manned and of the natural world, with the musical form of fugue as its central focus . This represents the first time St George’s has commissioned a new musical composition.

Graham’s piece will be inspired by the themes of thrust and lift, as he explains… “I like the idea of wings and flaps. With a lightness, yet robustness of frame, allowing both thrust and lift to work in harmony. So I think these things will provide the basis of a framework for the piece of music. A light yet robust structural temporal frame into which can be injected a bit of thrust and then we have lift off.”

The world premiere will take place at St George’s on 25th November 2016 and with the venue in mind, Fitkin plans not only to craft his piece around the theme, but around the space itself, utilising the hall’s refined acoustic, layout and location to best effect with site-specific amplification, both inside and outside the building, so that the building becomes a reverberating framework itself.

Graham Fitkin already has an international reputation for the quality and breadth of his music writing; he has collaborated with many of today’s foremost performers of new music, including Yo Yo Ma, the Smith Quartet and Powerplant, and his work has been released by labels including Sony and EMI.