Latest News at St George's Bristol


Posted: April 28, 2014

This was one of those rare occasions when you have no idea what to expect from a gig. ‘O Bro:…

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Ears wide open

Posted: April 24, 2014

Jocelyn Pook Ensemble – Filmic 2014 – Friday 9 May, St George’s Bristol, 8pm. After receiving an Olivier Award for…

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A message from the lovely Lesley

Posted: April 1, 2014

I love a challenge!

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Soul Global

Posted: March 18, 2014

Along with J S Bach and John Coltrane, my favourite music is soul. I remember as a kid seeing Otis Redding live on ‘Ready Steady Go!’, and I bought the 70s albums of Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin – for me the two greatest singers ever, in any genre – as they came out.

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In search of the perfect piano…

Posted: March 12, 2014

Would I be willing to travel to the ends of the earth in pursuit of ‘just the right’ piano for St George’s? Maybe, just maybe…

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Tord Gustavsen Ensemble

Posted: March 10, 2014

When ‘Changing Places’, the debut album by the trio of Norwegian pianist and composer Tord Gustavsen, came out in 2003, it nearly passed me by. It took a telephone call from David Fraser, ECM’s British press person, who’s the most unpushy PR imaginable, to tactfully advise me that I needed to give it a listen.

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Posted: March 6, 2014

What happens when you combine the UK’s most creative and innovative orchestra with “Britain’s best Klezmer and Balkan music band”? “Electric fizz and pungent colours” was the way The Times described the creative collision of two seemingly disparate musical genres – and that’s what makes Aurora Orchestra stand out from the crowd…

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Posted: February 21, 2014

But Renbourn, who’s close to the nicest musician I’ve met, and – unusually for his calling – interested in music other than his own, kept on developing, adding bluegrass picking and Merle Travis-a-billy to the storehouse of styles. His brilliance is also not without effort, and one of the many pleasures of a Renbourn performance is seeing him dig in and wrestle with his muse.

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Q&A with Christian Wallumrød

Posted: February 20, 2014

Performing as part of the Bristol New Music Festival on Sunday night read on for a feel of the Christian Wallumrød Ensemble concert…

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Christian Wallumrød…

Posted: February 14, 2014

When it comes to music, some things grab you straight from the off, asserting their particular effect immediately. Others take time and familiarity before you even recognise what it is you are listening to, never mind learn to appreciate it. So it was with me and Christian Wallumrød.

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The Royal Academy.. Small ensemble, BIG sound.

Posted: February 10, 2014

The sound coming from the hall during these three days was truly glorious: wave upon wave of full-bodied, passionate playing that made me think there must be at least a symphony orchestra in situ downstairs.

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Police Dog Hogan

Posted: January 27, 2014

The one thing most people know about Police Dog Hogan, if they know anything at all, is that Guardian Weekend columnist Tim Dowling is in it…

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Three Cane Whale

Posted: January 21, 2014

It was probably seeing them in concert on a rain-misted afternoon (Saturday June 2, 2012, I checked) in the beautiful setting of the small but perfectly formed 11th century church of Partrishow in the Black Mountains that did it for me.

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O Brother… Music for the Coen’s

Posted: January 10, 2014

It was the Coen Brothers’ debut, ‘Blood Simple’, seen at Watershed (and didn’t we call it ‘The Watershed’ then?) on its first run. After the opening sequence plays out, a black bartender in a redneck tavern puts a record on the jukebox and we hear ‘It’s The Same Old Song’ by The Four Tops, a solid-gold Tamla Motown classic.

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Olivia Chaney

Posted: January 6, 2014

Since I booked her for the gig on the strength of great word of mouth and a few youtube clips that showed beyond doubt that she was a fantastic new talent, Olivia has been signed to a prestigious contract by classy Nonesuch Records and been nominated for two BBC Folk Awards.

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