On Saturday 21st of June the world famous Treorchy Male Choir returns to St George’s for a show stopping performance. Although not the only choir to hail from the Rhondda Valley in Wales, they are perhaps the most recognizable. The choirs distinctive timbre has lead them to perform with some of music’s most loved artists such as Tom Jones and Dame Shirley Bassey. The very first version of the choir was started in the summer of 1883 and went on to become a Nation Eisteddfod winner and in 1895 performed for Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle. This version of the choir would later disband as the South Wales Valleys were torn apart, first by the Great Depression and then the two World Wars. The present Treorchy Male Choir reformed in 1946. They got noticed by the music world after regular appearances on television, radio broadcasts and commercial recordings. Unlike any choir before them they have made great strides in bursting into the popular music genre.

Our Director, Suzanne Rolt grew up with the unique Treorchy sound and had this to say about the award winning choir:

“As someone who grew up in Wales I can assure you that there’s no sound quite like the massed voices of The Treorchy Male Voice Choir. You will have heard them countless times, sometimes without realizing it, featuring on television and radio and often performing with the world’s greatest soloists.But when they’re on stage, performing right in front of you, the sheer scale, tone and emotion of the sound takes you a-back and makes for an incredible music experience.  This amazing energy is what the Welsh call ‘hwyl’ and there’s bucket loads of it in every concert!”

Their repertoire includes a wide verity of songs that resonate with everyone who is passionate about music. They perform traditional Welsh classics as well as more contemporary styles. In past performances Treorchy have sung popular songs by artists such as Queen and Bob Marley and tonight the choir will sing a variety of crowd pleasers. Perhaps the most potent song choice from this shows diverse lineup is ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, an incredibly powerful song on record but even more so sung with the strength and passion that Treorchy have, that set them apart from any other choir. The will also sing other well known classics such as ‘You Raise Me Up’ and ‘You Make Me Feel So Young’.

Treorchy Male Choir perform live at St George’s Bristol on Saturday 21 June at 7.30pm
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