I have been planning weddings for 3 years now as well as working as the wedding coordinator at St George’s so I know what makes a really great venue. Here’s 10 reasons why St George’s Bristol is a fantastic and unique wedding reception venue.

1: The space: The hall at St George’s is huge and can accommodate up to 200 guests seated for a reception yet it can also feel surprisingly intimate due to the columns and galleries. It’s flexible enough to arrange the space however you wish with lots of room for dancing.

2: The lighting: Being a concert venue there is professional stage lighting that can form part of your theme from spotlights to coloured stage lights and LED up-lighters. There are pretty chandeliers and huge windows for daytime and the room can be darkened by drawing the blinds ready for your evening reception.

3: Music: The stage is perfect for live music and you can even make use of the Steinway Grand piano if you wish some musical accompaniment during dinner.

4: The Crypt: if you book St George’s you have use of the fantastic crypt bar which is fully stocked and staffed for your guests. The Bar Manager will also arrange your welcome drinks and wine to accompany your meals and you can visit for a complimentary tasting before the wedding.

5: The Grounds: sometimes it’s hard to believe you’re in the city centre due to the gardens surrounding St George’s. There’s lots of hidden areas and works of art dotted around so it’s worth exploiting. The front steps also make a brilliant location for photos. Last year we even had our very own Gromit.

6: Food: Few wedding reception venues have such diverse and flexible catering options as St George’s. There’s three fantastic caterers to pick from (Papadeli, Parsnip Mash, and Folk House) each with a great range of food from pie & mash to picnics, tagine, curry and sharing platters. The food so far this year had looked amazing and Whisk!’s recent dessert buffet had guests positively drooling. Your guests will thank you for not choosing soup, chicken and sticky toffee pudding!

7: The History: St George’s Bristol is a Grade Iisted building built in the early 19th century as a church. It survived a WW2 bombing when an incendiary device crashed through the roof and landed on the alter. Luckily it failed to ignite and you can spot the star on the ceiling where it made it’s mark. The crypt was also used as an air raid shelter. In 1999 it was saved from closure due to a dwindling congregation and become a music venue.

8: Helping Preserve St George’s. Now run as a charitable trust any income from weddings goes to maintaining the venue and keeping a piece of Bristol history in use for future generations to enjoy.

9: It’s a Hidden Gem: Many people still don’t know St George’s exists and are wowed on their first visit. If you want a wedding venue in Bristol that’s new and different for your guests then look no further.

10: Flexibility: it’s hard to find flexible wedding venues that let you do it your own way. St George’s Bristol allows you the freedom to decorate how you’d like, a huge choice of food and drink and space to make your own.

Steph Allison (Wedding Coordinator)