Everyone here at St George’s is feeling thoroughly zen after our wonderful Alexander Technique sessions with Gudi Schepokat last week. A number of audience members also enjoyed the opportunity to ‘take a pause’.

Silence within music is as significant as the notes themselves. Within the pauses we savour the moment, reflect, refocus. The Alexander Technique helps us apply this same principle in our lives.

To sum up the power of this gentle, mindful way of just, well…being! I will leave you with this poem by Gudi herself;

….. …. .. .. . …… . Song for Sitting … …. …. …

Where am I ?

Here I sit .. .. .

solid surface of the chair

giving me support,

bearing my weight;

I need not hold

shoulders, arms nor head


Where am I ?

Feet that walked me here,

are still now,

each foot seeking the ground,

one next to the other,


Like an anchor on earth, like a bass note humming;

Where am I ?

Here I sit… …

soft eyes bringing me light impressions and joy,

Where am I ?

Poised to listen… …. .

Gudi Schepokat 2015 for all @ St George’s Bristol