This is second season we have used an illustrated cover for our seasonal brochure and this time we wanted to support Bristol talent. Bristol is very well known for its street artists, illustrators and animators. So what about the freelancers this cultural city is home to? Cue Dawn Cooper.

Hailing with a first calls degree in Graphic Communication from the Bath School of Art & Design, Dawn Cooper is a freelance illustrator whose angelic work is inspired by natural history and botanical illustrations. She is passionate about telling vivid stories through her art and these are just a handful of reasons we wanted her to illustrate our 2014 autumn brochure.

Whether through sound, photography or art, any artist knows, capturing a moment exactly how it happens can be difficult.  This was perhaps Dawn’s most challenging aspect of creating her design for the brochure. She wanted to embody what it feels like to attend a show at St George’s as well as the atheistic of the venue during the brisk autumn season. We think you’ll agree that Dawn conveyed this spectacularly!

The chances are you have seen some of Dawns ilustrations before picking up the our brochure. She is a member of the local art origination ‘Drawn in Bristol. She has also illustrated city maps for local publications, and currently has some work on show at the ‘Here Gallery, where you’ll find some of her more botanical illustrations, interpretations of the zodiac, and curious illustrated quotes.

We wanted to know if Dawn had experienced St George’s before collaborating with us and were delighted to hear that she had been to a concert and how much she enjoyed it.

 “My first visit to St George’s was just a few months ago in April; I was very lucky to get front row seats for Agnes Obel.  Agnes and her two string players gave a mind-blowing performance, and the atmosphere inside the concert hall was amazing.  Definitely a highlight of the year so far!”

So, what’s next for this talented local artist? Whatever she wants is the answer. This is one of Dawn’s favorite things about being a freelance illustrator, she retains artistic freedom and chooses projects she feels most passionate about. What would be her dream project? “I’d love to work on a range of greeting cards, or some book covers.”

We have no doubt that whatever Dawn chooses to do next, it will be fantastic! We love how she captured the St George’s spirit and we wish her all the best with her next project.