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A Haunting Experience: An Interview with our Resident Ghost

A cold draught. A tap on the shoulder. A dark figure that vanishes into the shadows. St George’s is 200 years old, so it’s not surprising both staff and audience members have had experiences they’ve been unable to explain. With Halloween around the corner and in need of some answers, we caught up with our resident ghost to find out more.

It’s great to finally meet you!


So, you must have experienced a few world-class concerts during your time here at St George’s! What has been your particular highlight to date?

I actually really enjoy the ice music from Terje Insungset. It’s so nice to get a night off every now and again from giving people chills.

From our beautiful extension to our expansive grounds, St George’s has plenty of beautiful hidden corners. Why do you stay down here?

Haunting the Green Room means that I get to brush shoulders with icons and celebrities on a daily basis. I used to try to order off the incredible wine list in the Café Bar but sadly now the staff see right through me.

If you could only listen to one track for the rest of eternity, what would it be?

Staying Alive. Living On A Prayer has to be a close second.