A series of imaginary love letters written to the legendary diva, actress and singer Marlene Dietrich, ‘Letters to Marlene’ features new original compositions by the all-star trio of de Chassy (piano), Marguet (drums) and Sheppard (saxophones), together with interpretations of some of Dietrich’s most famous songs, including the immortal ‘Falling in Love Again’. Real-time improvisations are mixed with archive recordings to create a journey through Dietrich’s life and career of the 1930s and 40s, with cameo appearances by the voices of Jean Gabin, Orson Welles, General De Gaulle and Dietrich herself. ‘Letters to Marlene’ is the follow-up to the trio’s acclaimed ‘Shakespeare Songs’, which played London’s Globe Theatre in 2014.


Thursday 24 October

Andy Sheppard: Letters to Marlene

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Recommended Age: 14+

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