Alexander Schubert WIKI-PIANO.NET
Zubin Kanga Dead Leaves
Tristan Coelho Rhythm City (World Premiere)
Claudia Molitor You Touched the Twinkle on the Helix of my Ear
Adam de la Cour Transplant the Movie 2!: Operation ‘Re-Rise’ Dark Return

Pianist Zubin Kanga performs innovative works by composers extending the piano with multimedia.

Leading German composer, Alexander Schubert’s new work features a website that allows the public to compose the score, just like a Wikipedia article, creating a constantly evolving work that explores internet culture.  Get involved at   Tristan Coelho combines everyday sounds and visuals from the city with video game-style control in the world premiere of this theatrical, funky work. Claudia Molitor uses film of her own hands, as well as film of Venice and pebbles from Brighton Beach to explore the composer’s role as puppet master. Zubin Kanga uses paper and electronics to create cascades of sound and Adam de la Cour builds on the success of his horror-inspired work Transplant the Movie! with this sequel, riffing off genre tropes of 1980s action and spy movies.

This event is part of the Bristol Keyboard Festival – find out more about the festival here.


Friday 2 November

Bristol Keyboard Festival: Zubin Kanga – WIKIPIANO

£15, £5 Students (Limited Availability)

A £1 postage fee is charged where applicable

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