Adam Heron Piano
Daniel Pioro Violin
Laura van der Hejden Cello
Amy Dickson Saxophone
Exultate Singers | David Ogden Director

This is the perfect try-it-out event for those a bit nervous about giving classical a go.

There’s a huge variety of music – some of which you might not think you know (but you probably do) and all of which is thrilling, soothing, moving or energising. Composers include Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Ravel, Satie, Tavener and Eric Whitacre.

You can sit, stand or lie down. There are two main performance stages, but performers move around the space and crop up in surprising places.

No piece of music is longer than about five minutes. You can keep your phones on, and
take drinks in.

And – let’s not forget to mention – the performances are all memorably top-notch.

In short, this is an event that defies preconceptions of what a classical concert is. See you there!

Friday 1 February

Classical Mixtape Live 1

£20 (upstairs, reserved)
£15 (downstairs, unreserved)

A £1 postage fee is charged where applicable


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