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Seven-times winner at The BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, including three times for Best Original Song and Folk Singer Of The Year 2018, Karine Polwart is a songwriter, musician, theatre maker, author. She also performs traditional songs and writes for theatre, film, animation, and international thematic collaborative projects. Recent projects include her successful Scottish Songbook re-imaginings of classic Scottish pop, and The Lost Words: Spell Songs, a multi-artist response to environmental loss and climate breakdown.

Karine draws from folk music’s long tradition while keeping pace with the ceaselessly changing times. Her talent for crafting unique, enduring melodies, her gift for saying just enough without overstating her case, the range and dynamism of her arrangements, all come together in songs of powerful contemporary relevance.

Having studied politics and philosophy at university and later worked in the area of women’s and children’s rights, Polwart has always wanted her music to perform some useful social function. “For me” says Polwart, “music is one of the most powerful ways of making sense of the world. It’s for celebrating, grieving, sharing, wondering. Nothing inspires me more than the realisation that any one of my songs means something to someone else”.

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THE LIST “One of our most lyrically striking, and significant, artists”

THE OBSERVER “An unflinching social eye”

TELEGRAPH “Poignant, unflinching and beautiful.”

THE IRISH TIMES “Utterly beautiful”

SUNDAY EXPRESS “A beautiful and brilliant piece of work”

SCOTSMAN “Exquisite songs delivered with a quite extraordinary combination of gentleness, strength, humour & sheer command of her art.” 

Wednesday 13 October 2021

Karine Polwart


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