Mark Padmore tenor
Morgan Szymanski guitar

Dowland Come Again, Sweet Love; Now, O Now, I Needs Must Part
Stephen McNeff Eden Rock (texts by Charles Causley)
Schubert Heidenröslein; Des Fischersliebesglück; Der Jüngling an der Quelle
Dowland Come Ye Heavy States of Night
Schubert Nachtstücke
Alec Roth Songs to Words by Edward Thomas
Richard Barnard Ghost Songs (texts by Charles Causley)
Schubert Nacht und Traume

Journey into the night, as we share ghost stories and songs of love, loss and dark terrors. Mark Padmore and
Morgan Szymanski unite to perform a spine-tingling selection of songs by Schubert and John Dowland, alongside new settings of poems by Charles Causley and Edward Thomas. Composer Richard Barnard has created the new works in honour of the poets’ centenaries; those of Causley’s birth, and Thomas’ death.

‘It’s hard to think of a singer m
ore seriously dedicated to his art…’  THE TELEGRAPH / @MorganGuitarra

Season Highlight Talk-Padmore

Mark Padmore & Morgan Szymanski

Friday 20 October


£28, £20, £15, £5 Students/U18s (limited availability) (plus fees)

£1 administration fee charged per transaction plus £1 card transaction fee and 70p postage where applicable.

Recommended Age: 8+