David Woodfall, author of Rewilding: Real Life Stories of Returning British and Irish Wildlife to Balance, collaborates with award winning pianist Huw Warren on a beautiful journey in sound and images exploring the ways in which people are changing their relationship with nature for the better. Woodfall has spent 30 years chronicling 50 conservationists in their attempts to rewild the land, from small gardens being allowed to develop naturally to ambitions projects replanting native woodlands in the southern uplands of Scotland.

Such projects take a balanced view of rewilding, allowing the natural world to reach its full potential and enabling people to replenish themselves through direct contact with the natural world. This is an urgent and informative glimpse into the ways we can reshape our landscapes and help combat climate change.

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Tuesday 26 May

Rewilding with David Woodfall and Huw Warren

£12, £5 Students

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Recommended Age: 8+

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