This performance will take place in the Glass Studio


Check out this brand new cover of Sufjan Stevens – The Only Thing

Shards is the stunning vocal project led by singer / producer Kieran Brunt. Now part of the Erased Tapes stable their new album Find Sound is sweeping up plaudits as they reignite the vocal tradition celebrating the unique textures of each individual voice.
Shards formed in 2016 when the Barbican was looking for a choir to collaborate with Nils Frahm. Building on their success they sang on Frahm’s breakthrough album All Melody, and have since appeared on records by Michael Price, Masayoshi Fujita, Luke Howard and more.
Brunt is keen to present voices in a non-traditional way. Rather than aiming for seamless blends or absolute precision, he is interested in highlighting their differences. Their debut full length album is a collection of short, sonic paintings, where each burst of colour adds to an overall picture of the emotional confusion of early adulthood: the uncertainty, the excitement, the terror and the relief.
These pieces are about looking above, below and inside oneself, and about questioning our place in a world which is becoming more and more perplexing to comprehend.

Shards is Kieran Brunt, Lucy Cronin, Sarah Latto, Bethany Horak-Hallett, Kate Huggett, Chris Huggon, Jack Lawrence-Jones, Rose Martin, Augustus Perkins Ray, Oli Martin-Smith, Josephine Stephenson and Héloïse Werner.

Have a listen to Shards performing ‘Unrest’ from their new album ‘Find Sound’

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Friday 14 Febuary



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