We regret to inform you this performance is postponed. We are currently working with artists to reschedule, wherever possible, performances to a later date and we will share details of these shortly.

Part of our Listening Room Series.

The Listening Room is a brand new series of live sessions in the Glass Studio. Artists of all kinds will perform fresh material and discuss the ideas that shape their work.

Born in London to mixed Indian/British heritage, Simon McCorry’s recent work is a rich combination of field recordings, adept loop based compositions & atmospheric improvisations that explore the rich sonic possibilities of the cello. From droning stillness & devastating harmonic simplicity to abstract microtonal atmospheres, his work recalls post-classical greats such as A Silver Mt Zion at their most plaintive and Stars of The Lid at their most majestic.

“Electro-orchestral drone-scapes of, by turns, gauzy intimacy and soaring grandeur.” Mojo

Saturday 18 April

Simon McCorry – POSTPONED


A 5% booking fee applies online and over the phone. A £2 postage fee is charged where applicable.

Recommended Age: 8+