Jon Banks santouri, gothic harp, percussion
Jean Kelly gothic bray harp, triple harp
Alison McGillivray violone, viola bastarda
Jon Nicholls sound designer and composer
Clare Salaman tromba marina, nyckelharpa
Terence Wilton narrator

Although Francis Bacon, 17th century philosopher, statesman and visionary, is widely regarded as the father of modern science, his investigations into the nature of sound are little known. He was intrigued by seemingly magical effects like echoes and sympathetic vibration and sought to explain them through a series of experiments in, and observations of, sound.

Combining modern sound technology with ancient instruments, The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments explore the aural illusions that so intrigued Francis Bacon and our 17th century forbears with fresh interpretations of 17th century music linked to each other by newly composed pieces. The performers play unusual and historically appropriate instruments including the mysterious violone, the jangling bray harp, the nyckelharpa and the little known viola bastarda.

‘What the Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments have concocted in ‘Sound House’ is a wondrous journey through a realm of unimaginable sonic possibilities; travel with them, and I guarantee that you will never think of sound in the same way again.’ EARLY MUSIC TODAY


Friday 15 June

Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments

£25, £20, £15, £12, £5 Students/U18s (limited availability)

A £1 postage fee is charged where applicable

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