With no wires and no fuss, this all-acoustic duo of perhaps the most accomplished sax and piano pairing in the world is a mustsee date for jazz fans of any vintage or stripe. On tenor saxophone Tommy Smith is a true master, able to exploit the musical and emotional range of his instrument to the max, while pianist Brian Kellock has a reputation as the most versatile of accompanists, whose own solos move with ease from classic stride to modernism and beyond. The last time we had them here a whole century’s worth of jazz seemed to fly by in one glorious flash of inspiration.



Tommy Smith & Brian Kellock

Thursday 16 November


£20 Front Stalls, £18, £5 Students/U18s (limited availability) (plus fees)

£1 administration fee charged per transaction plus £1 card transaction fee and 70p postage where applicable.

Recommended Age: 14+