Michael Loader Storyteller

Shafeeq Alsadi  Musician
Zaid Hilal Singer and Musician (Bouzouk)

The year is 2099 – forty years after the Great Flood brought about by rising sea levels and a lack of care for the earth by humanity.

Some people were safe, others re-settled, but millions are homeless, floating upon new seas towards uncertain borders. Birdlife has survived, sea life flourished, whilst mammals and humans struggle for the remaining land.

Major cities of the world have become Sanctuaries for Wildlife, including Nairobi, Colorado, Madrid and Jerusalem the city of Eternal Light, where Europe, Africa and Asia meet.

Miriam and Mohammed have a love for animals, but will their courage, belief and curiosity be enough to bring about a miracle? A story of summoning monsters, meeting angels and believing in miracles in the divine city of prophets and kings.

An original story by Wild Words with storyteller Michael Loader and friends with music from Shafeeq Alsadi (qanun).

Recommended age: 6+


10.45am Playshop – Free to ticketholders; pre-booking is required

We’re creating a riot! A protest of placards protecting the animals and song-making for our march. We also want to know… ‘What you see in the eyes of an Angel?’

Wednesday 30 October
Playshop 10.45am; Concert 11.45am

Wild Words: Jerusalem Zoo

£6; Family ticket 4 for 3

A 5% booking fee applies online and over the phone. A £2 postage fee is charged where applicable.

Recommended Age: 6+

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