Our small plates menu will be unavailable in our Café Bar on  Sunday 19 and Tuesday 21 May. We apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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Safeguarding Statement

An inspiring and safe place for everyone

St George’s is a vibrant and exciting venue where different people, groups and communities come together to experience live music and culture. It is a destination for audiences and visitors as well as a place for work for musicians, creatives, volunteers, freelancers and employed staff.

We want you to enjoy your experience at St George’s Bristol. Our team will always aim to offer a courteous and helpful welcome; we respect all visitors equally and we appreciate your reciprocal respect.

If you see a situation or behaviour that is a cause for concern, please contact a member of the St George’s team on duty (for example Duty Managers, Café Bar staff, volunteers) – they will then follow the in-house procedure for such situations, including asking you to complete a Safeguarding Incident or Concern Report Form. Any concerns will be reported on in a timely manner to St George’s Designated Safeguarding Lead. It is important you report any concern at the time of it occurring, but if you do need to report something after a concert has ended, please email hello@stgeorgesbristol.co.uk

We take all reported concerns seriously. We will investigate and take steps to manage the situation including contacting external and statutory authorities, where appropriate. We will not accept behaviour from a team member towards a visitor that causes concern, nor from a visitor towards another visitor or member of staff.

We recognise we have a particular responsibility for the welfare of children and adults at risk who use our services:

  • We aim to provide all children and adults at risk who visit our venue and/or participate in our programmes with a safe, enjoyable and stimulating experience while ensuring that, as far as possible, they are appropriately safeguarded.
  • We recognise all children regardless of age, disability, gender, racial or cultural heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation, or gender identity, have an equal right to protection from abuse or neglect.
  • We recognise that some of the adults who attend our public events may be categorised as ‘adults at risk’ and therefore vulnerable to the experience of abuse or neglect. We are committed to providing adults at risk with a safe and welcoming environment at St George’s.

We are committed to protecting children and adults at risk whether they are participating in or observing education, community or other workshops, or performances on stage or at another setting where St George’s Bristol is hosting activity.

To do this:

  • We have a safeguarding policy in place that is reviewed and updated regularly.
  • We undertake thorough recruitment processes including employment checks as required.
  • We require some staff to complete DBS disclosures and ensure rechecks are completed.
  • We provide staff and volunteers with safeguarding training.
  • We have a well-communicated process for responding to safeguarding concerns.
  • We expect contracted artists and groups to confirm their own safeguarding policies.
  • We expect customers that hire St George’s to deliver private events understand and comply with our safeguarding policy.

Safeguarding children and adults at risk is the responsibility of everybody, but our Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility for ensuring our policy and procedures are current, relevant, and adhered to. The Board will nominate a Designated Safeguarding Trustee who has oversight of safeguarding work on behalf of the Board.