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Close up Sheku Kanneh-Mason as he plays cello on stage at St George’s Bristol, with orchestra members playing other instruments behind him

Spring-Summer 2023

Experience the first movement of our 200th Anniversary year

Close your eyes. Quieten the mind. Think yourself back in time 200 years. What can you hear?

In 2023 we celebrate 200 years of the sound world of St George’s Bristol. From hammers and straining ropes as a church took form, to air raid sirens and the bomb that threatened it all, to the joy of our first concerts. From the crackle of our first BBC mics, to the world-class artists on our stage, to the clinks in the Café Bar, to the excited murmurs of thousands of music-lovers, to you. What will you hear next at St George’s? Scroll down to find out.

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