Happy Spring, Cosmos enthusiasts! We’ve had a bit of a break here at Cosmos HQ, but got back to rehearsal last Thursday, and everything is in good shape for our busy upcoming concert season.

We started off the term by refreshing our memories, and taking the opportunity to record some of the songs for our upcoming concerts. Featured from last rehearsal are some favourites of the choir, and many of our family and friends, including Gingerbread Man and The Bare Necessities (from the Jungle Book). These can be found on our soundcloud page, which you can open up if you click here.

So, I hear you asking about the exciting concerts I’ve been boasting about above. We have three very high profile appearances in May and June, all at incredibly exciting venues and events! Our first performance will be at the Southbank Arts Trail on the 14th of May, with the Big Friendly Choir, whom our Musical Director Mark Lawrence also conducts. The BFC will then be joining us again for an exclusive concert at Southmead Hospital on the 19th of May, in their fantastic foyer. We are very excited about the acoustics in their lovely space! Finally, we are having a large end of year performance at Merchants Academy, as part of the Sounds Inspiring Festival. We took part in this last year, and had such a good time, that we’re going to do it again. Phew, that’s a lot of work ahead for our young singers!

That’s all from me, for now.

Signing off from Cosmos HQ,