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Leave a Legacy

Help future generations enjoy what you love about St George’s

Thank you for considering leaving a gift to St George’s Bristol in your will and helping future generations enjoy what was important to you in your lifetime.

“St George’s has been a huge part of our lives, providing us with so many memorable experiences. By leaving a gift in our wills, we know we will have played a part in St George’s future, and that many more people will be inspired by experiences in this wonderful music hall in the heart of Bristol”Anonymous

After you have made provision for those you care about, a gift to St George’s can make a huge difference to our future work. By leaving a specific gift or a share of your estate to us, or an unrestricted legacy, you will help St George’s to programme artists of the highest quality and to bring inspirational music making experiences to young people across Bristol, ensuring a gift of music for generations to come.

How you can make a difference

Every gift, small or large, makes a difference, helping to ensure that our venue can continue to host the best artists, stage the greatest performances, and inspire young and old not just now, but for years to come.

Legacy gifts can provide:

  • Maintenance of our heritage building and grounds
  • Performance opportunities for young gifted musicians
  • Visits from internationally acclaimed musicians and performers
  • New artistic opportunities and commissions
  • Cutting-edge projects and collaborations involving digital technology
  • Community and school-based projects with young people, through our Learning & Participation programme

By leaving a gift in your Will, you will be helping secure the future of music for generations to come. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Development team, to discuss your wishes in confidence.

Contact the Development team

Guidance on leaving a legacy

It is easy to include a gift to St George’s Bristol in your will. You simply need to tell your solicitor the proportion you wish to give, and they can make a suitable provision. If you’ve already made a will, ask your solicitor about adding a Codicil to your existing will. We recommend you consult your solicitor before making any changes to your will; please see some guidance on the gifts you can make below.

There are 3 main types of gift you can make:


A share in, or all of, what’s left of the value of your estate after family and friends have been taken care of. The advantage of leaving a share is that it stays the same over time and you won’t need to change your will to keep up with inflation.


A fixed sum of money


An item such as a building, or piece of art

Our charity’s details are

St George’s Bristol

Registered Charity No 295178

Address: St George’s Bristol, Great George Street, Bristol, BS1 5RR

More information

For more information on our Legacy giving programme, or to pledge a gift, please:

Download our Legacy form here

Some suggested wording on how to leave a legacy to St George’s Bristol:

Download our wording guidance here

If you would like to include St George’s Bristol in your existing Will, please see this information on how to create a Codicil:

Download our Codicil form here

“I’ve chosen to leave a gift in my will to St George’s Bristol so that future generations can continue to enjoy the varied programme of high-quality music that they offer. With cutbacks in Government spending towards music and education placing an ever-increasing burden on charities, I would like St George’s to use my gift to share the joy of music and enable its healing and inspirational effect for all audiences to play, listen and be inspired.”Anonymous

Get in Touch

If you are considering making a gift to St George’s and would like to speak with us in confidence and without obligation, please contact our Development team.

Contact our Development team

Thank you for considering leaving a gift to St George’s Bristol in your Will, and helping future generations enjoy what was important to you in your lifetime.

“Over the years it has been a delight to see St George’s develop, both as a venue and artistically. We owe a real debt to those who had the original vision for the building and worked so hard to realise it but also to those whose generosity made it possible financially. It seems only appropriate for us to leave something behind in our turn so that our children and future generations can continue to enjoy this remarkable place” John and Margrit Waldron