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The Nest Collective present

Campfire Club

Gasper Nali


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Rediscover one of life’s simplest joys – the sharing of live music in the glow of a campfire.

‘His music is simple but joyous, and totally infectious’ (Songlines)

Gasper Nali plays a Babatoni – a 3 meter, one-stringed, home-made bass guitar – with an empty bottle and a stick. And makes the most beautiful and catchy original afro-beats possible.

Gasper is a one-man-band, with the Babatoni bass guitar, cow skin kick drum and very catchy tunes. He is absolutely unlike anything else. It’s super Malawian roots, it’s very up beat and incredibly danceable! – or – as a Bandcamp fan nicely put it: “Gasper is a one man party! It’s completely impossible to stop moving – and just as impossible to stop smiling!”

The support act for this show is Marie Bashiru.



Listen to a snippet: