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(11am - 12.30pm)

Edible Histories

This event has passed.

Edible Histories is an arts project underway as part of the Bristol 650 celebrations. Five giant chocolate sculptures of historic objects have been created, wrapped in gold foil and displayed with the original artefacts within museums across the city.

On 21st October, 11am-1230pm, at St.George’s in Bristol, all the chocolate objects will be brought together for the first time and then broken up. The event will include an introduction about the project by the artist Luke Jerram and a talk by historian Dr Richard Stone who is a specialist in Bristol’s chocolate history and the transatlantic slave trade. All the objects will be introduced by specialists representing the participating venues from across the city.

The five objects will then be broken up using hammers and chisels with live musical accompaniment! Attendees get to take bags of chocolate home with them. 5oo free tickets to this event are available, and can now be booked on Eventbrite here.

We are also seeking 10 members of the public who might like break the five foil wrapped artworks with hammers and chisels. They will be the first to taste the chocolate and also help distribute it to the public attending the event. Much of the chocolate will also go to foodbanks across the city. 10 names will be selected at random from those putting their names forward in this ballot.

Apply here now!