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Elarbe & Beat Cleaver

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A 9% booking fee applies online and over the phone. A £2.50 postage fee is charged where applicable.

St George’s, in collaboration with Access Creative College, is delighted to be presenting these two young artists in a concert designed to showcase their individual talents. Both Elarbe and Beat Cleaver have been awarded a bursary by St George’s that includes a financial sum and an opportunity to perform in the Glass Studio.


Elarbe is a 17 year old Bristol based artist, specialising in R&B, Soul, Afrobeats and piano ballad. Within her rap music, she specialises in storytelling, melodic drill, R&B and much more. Elarbe dives deep in her lyrics, covering major topic effecting the youth, including Mental health, racism, stereotypes and much more. Elarbe performs live at many events, festivals and carnivals, you may have seen her at St Pauls carnival 2023, Bristol harbour festival 2023 and Bristol balloon fiesta 2023.

Elarbe uses her music as therapy and hopes to inspire young people. she hopes her music encourages young people to explore different paths in their lives, take opportunities and hold hope they discover their dreams. using her music she hopes young people use it as a guide to feel understood and heard. As well as being her own aspiring artist, she knows she has many messages to send and the best way to share them is through music. She says “Everyone loves music, by exploring different topics and genres people will hear my lyrics and receive my message.” Elarbe aspires to be no-one but herself.

Beat Cleaver

Join Beat Cleaver on a cosmic journey of Beatboxing, Live Looping & Freestyle Rap. Beat Cleaver is a virtuoso of improvisational music making, utilising his multifaceted vocal talents with audience interaction and participation to include everyone attending in an unusually unique adventure into music.

An experience with Beat Cleaver is a guarantee that you will end up dancing, laughing, crying & maybe even being transformed into a character in a musical story!