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Trio Petrus

Piano, Violin, Cello

This event has passed.

Peter Hewitt piano
Peter Fisher violin
Peter Adams cello

Tchaikovsky Piano Trio in A minor Op 50

Tchaikovsky’s magnificent Piano Trio is a towering masterpiece in two movements which covers the entire gamut of emotions from deep despair to utter joy – it is subtitled “In memory of a great artist” referring to Tchaikovsky’s friend and mentor Nikolai Rubinstein who had died just before he started work on the Trio.

Who better to meet the terrific technical and artistic demands of this work than the Trio Petrus who when last at St George’s received great critical response for their performance of Shostakovich’s trio in E minor.

Join us for lunch

Enjoy a delicious bowl of soup (vg) served with fresh bread – or, swap the bread for one of our chef’s delicious toasties to accompany your soup.

£4.70 with bread  /  £8.50 with toastie

You can pre-order your food when booking your ticket/s, and select to have your lunch either before or after the concert.

Pre-concert lunch from 12pm

Post-concert lunch from 2pm