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Antonio Oyarzabal


Part of Lunchtime Concerts


£8.50 | multibuy available

Lunchtime Concert Offer: 10% off if you buy 3-4 concerts  /  15% off if you buy 5+. 5% booking fee applies.

Our famous Lunchtime Concert series is carefully selected to bring a bit of peace, relaxation and escape in the middle of a busy week.

Disappear into an immersive sonic world created live for you by world-class musicians. Each week is something new and a bit different, no Lunchtime Concert is the same. Why not come down and try something new?

Up this week: Antonio Oyarzabal Piano

Mana Zucca Prelude
Amy Beach Scottish Legend
Mel Bonis Women of Legend
Élisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre Pieces for harpsichord (selection)
Lili Boulanger 3 pieces for piano
Germaine Tailleferre 2 pieces
Lucija Garuta Prelude in E
Vitezslava Kaprálová  April Preludes

In this critically acclaimed programme of all female composers, Antonio plays a captivating compilation of carefully chosen gems unearthed during his two years researching the project. His reviewed album La Muse Oubliée (The Forgotten Muse) was the result of two years of research and was described as ‘musically intriguing and beautifully balanced recital, from the familiar…to the unknown.’ (The Guardian)

I’ve never been to a Lunchtime Concert before, will I enjoy it? If you listen to lo-fi beats YouTube videos or classical film score playlists at work to try and stave off the stress of deadlines, or chuck on Scala Radio or Classic FM when cooking, then Lunchtime Concerts are for you. A slice of relaxation in the middle of a busy Thursday will help you feel centred and calm, so you can totally lose it when you get to Friday night.



Listen to a snippet:

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