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Nature Salon: The Wonders of Birdsong

Nature Salon: The Wonders of Birdsong

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Naturalist, zoologist and bird expert Ed Drewitt talks to Annabel Ross about the wonders of springtime birdsong in the UK, and then takes you on a walk up to Brandon Hill to hear songbirds in their natural habitat.

May is one of the best months of the year to hear birds as they are busy attracting partners and protecting their nests. During the talk Ed and Annabel will explore what birdsong is, why birds do it, who is singing at this time of year, and what the dawn chorus is. On the walk, Ed hopes to stop and point out singing wrens, robins, blackbirds, blackcaps and much more. The talk will last approximately 1 hour and the walk up to Brandon Hill will last approximately 1 hour. Please note, if the weather is extremely windy or rainy, the walk will not happen.

Ed is a freelance naturalist, showing people wildlife particularly around Bristol and the Forest of Dean, where he lives. He particularly enjoys helping others to hear and identify the sounds of birds in spring. Ed has also been studying urban-dwelling peregrines for 23 years.

Annabel Ross is a wildlife broadcaster and presenter of BBC Countryfile’s Podcast. Her popular, highly original series of interviews with experts called Messages from the Wild gives a wildlife’s perspective on life.